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End of Expansion boosts!

Hitandrun a posted Aug 5, 16

Pre-Legion Recruitment

Hitandrun a posted Feb 22, 16

-- HERE --

Trema a Corrected, made my eyes bleed :( I'll apply a legion style sides to the site once a more suitable finished set of w...
Thral That black text on near black background ....

Hitandrun a Jeyce, check the first reply in the Ironhoof thread in the general forum.
Jeyce Free for me then !
Jeyce how much this mount cost these days ? or any other mounts your selling ?

Thanks everyone for a great expansion.

We scored our best world rank to date and managed to the first kill off every boss on heroic and mythic difficulty.

The first Felsteel Annihilator was given to Sniffy after a unanimous vote on who to get it.

Tripod Well done guys!!! Just watched the vid and was in awe! Sniff u legend! Also I'll be posting Opa a pack of salt for ...
Xabok I'm so proud I could poo. Onwards to Legion : !